First Time Illustrator

Indie Publisher Helps First Time Illustrators & Authors

Indie publisher and independent author, Tiffy McKay, is in the business of helping authors and illustrators get off the ground with their first books.

“It’s a lot to take on when you’ve never done a major project like this,” McKay says (paraphrased) in a recent interview with fellow author, Grant Uchida, and illustrator, Celina Dahl.

McKay has worked with Grant Uchida of Honolulu, HI on two books. Soon Kitty, with illustrations by James Ishizaki, and recently released Little Jack of All Trades, illustrated by first time illustrator Celina Dahl, which can now be found on Amazon and

Soon Kitty by Grant Uchida & James Ishizaki

Tiffy McKay’s mission is to help authors and illustrators run the marathon of getting their heartfelt stories to market. “More than anything, we want to help kids by providing stories we wish we’d heard as kids,” says Tiffy.

Little Jack of All Trades by Grant Uchida & Celina Dahl

Taking it a step further, Tiffy is also traveling down the illustrator’s path. She’s taken the time to walk through the process of illustrating as a first time illustrator on her second children’s book in the series The Adventures of Everest the Elephant, currently found on Amazon.

“I have a whole new appreciation for how much time and effort it takes to illustrate a picture book after this.” McKay says, while digitally painting backdrops for a scene in Everest Goes to Africa. “It can take as many as 2 or 3 years to illustrate your first book.”

Everest Goes to Space by Tiffy McKay & Kelly Bossidy

McKay hopes to have her second book, Everest Goes to Africa, published by the end of 2021 through her company Awkward Paws Publishing.

“The biggest thing I want creative people to know is that you have to keep on going. Keep getting back up. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that I’m not happy when I’m not creating something. So even if you only do it for mental health reasons or peace of mind–keep on going. I’ll always be grateful I can say ‘I did it’. It’s worth it in the end.” – Tiffy McKay

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