Grant Uchida

GrantAuthor3For the past ten years Grant has worked on making a difference in the world through storytelling, music and comedy. Author and YouTube content creator, Grant shares cosplay themed videos, musical improv comedy, success talks, skateboarding adventures and more both online and in the classroom. Little Jack of All Trades is Grant’s second book in the Sooniverse Series of children’s picture books. He has several more picture books being illustrated while he writes this ever expanding universe. Find him and his projects on

Tiffy McKay

TiffyAug2021Tiffy writes bilingual book series’ for children, parents, and students of other languages motivated by her struggles with her native language, English, as a kid with dyslexia. It wasn’t until her second year of French in high school that everything clicked, spotting patterns as the pieces were taken apart and rearranged. It is her fervent hope to write stories and characters kids will love and grow old with while they learn to love reading.


Celina Dahl


Illustrator of Little Jack of All Trades, Celina has a passion for expressing her imagination through various media, and sharing it with others!

Find her other art projects on Instagram @mylkoftea and soon to be in her new online shop. In addition to creating art, Celina loves looking for new restaurants and bubble tea shops, exploring new places, and watching horror movies.

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” – Haruki Murakami

James Ishizaki

Illustrator and 2D animator, James digs deep into different styles and forms of media. Currently based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, he worked closely with writer Grant Uchida to illustrate Soon Kitty, his first children’s picture book. His animations and art portfolio can be found on his website, Jimmy Sparrow Art.

Kelly Bossidy


Illustrator of The Adventures of Everest the Elephant: Everest Goes to Space, Kelly splits her time between artistic endeavors and spending time doing recreational activities with the elderly. She has a deep love for the woods, traveling, and creating.


Marielle Suzanne

Translator Photo for Awkward Paws

A bilingual speaker herself, Marielle knows first hand what it’s like going to school and learning in a foreign language. Originally from Puerto Rico, her family moved to Connecticut when she was nine years old. Her struggles lead her into the field of TESOL, and has recently become a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages with her Masters Degree from Central Connecticut State University. Her goal is to help students adjust to English speaking and provide a stable foundation for growth here in America.

Samantha Barrett Chuck

SamChuckA French teacher here in Connecticut, Sam’s passion for the language is seeking new ways to bring excitement for learning back to classrooms. She has a BA in French and a BA in Secondary Education from the University of Rhode Island, and a Master’s in French Linguistics and Pedagogy from Middlebury College. She is teaching high school French in western CT, and is active in the American Association of Teachers of French. She currently resides in central CT with her amazing husband, wonderful daughter, and fun-loving feline.

Nicole Stöhr

Nicole is a German native who is fluent in German (Deutsch) and English. She also speaks French and Italian conversationally. Her time is spent translating for businesses and writers across the globe while attending university in Germany.

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