Whether you’ve completed your first novel or have a picture book ready for it’s final touches, we have a team of editors ready to see your manuscript to it’s final form. Contact us today for a quote based on your word count and services needed.

Content Review

Unsure if your plot, characters, or dialog will withstand the barrage of loophole-seeking, voracious readers? Have one of our editors review your manuscript for continuity and strength of the story and it’s characters. This services costs much less, though it won’t include copy editing.

Copy Editing

This is line-by-line detailed editing. In this phase, we’ll proofread for typos, sentence structure, and punctuation. When an editor receives a new manuscript for this service, they’ll read through for content first before moving onto correcting line-by-line. If there are major gaps in the plot or characters, we’ll let you know before moving ahead and you’ll only pay for the content review rates. We want to draw out your best writing so that together we can bring strong, memorable stories to readers.


In addition to editing, Awkward Paws Publishing offers formatting services for writers who are looking to self-publish and want the best polished look for their work. We work with all types of formatting from novels and novellas to children’s picture books. Contact us today for a quote and launch your new career as a self-published author!

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